Advanced Semiconductor Laboratory
Developing cutting-edge technologies based on III-nitride semiconductors


We are a group of motivated and curious people working on cutting-edge interdisciplinary research. Specifically, we focus on growth, fabrication and simulation of wide-bandgap structures and devices. By using high temperature MOCVD and other state-of-the-art facilities, we aim to perfect and innovate important devices such as LED, laser, solar cells, transistors, and sensors etc. These devices are expected to become the enabling technologies to revolutionize energy, communication, biochemical, biomedical, and data storage industries and many others.

A number of full-time positions are currently available to curious and hard-working PhD students, as well as experienced postdoctoral fellows. Several 5-12 month all-paid internship positions are also available for outstanding perspective students.

Please send your CV or any question to Prof Xiaohang LiFor more info, check the Join Us.


State-of-the-art research MOCVD

Our works are frequently highlighted by the top media in compound semiconductor such as these ones selected as the weekly news letter title distributed around the world!

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