Advanced Semiconductor Laboratory
Developing cutting-edge technologies based on the 3rd-generation semiconductors


Principal Investigator

  • ​Assistant Professor​​​​​​​​​​​​​, Associate Editor of OSA Photonics Research, Founder of Polarization Toolbox, Vice Chair of Western Saudi Arabia Chapter of IEEE Electron Devices Society, and Recipient of Harold M. Manasevit Young Investigator Award from American Association for Crystal Growth​, SPIE D. J. Lovell Scholarship, and IEEE Photonics Graduate Student Fellowship​​​
    Research Interests: Electromagnetics and optoelectronics, Nanomaterials, Solar Energy, Sensors, Spectroscopic and Microscopic imaging system, Materials modeling
    Building 3, Level 3-3335 (near the main elevator)

PhD Students

  • PhD student from Novosibirsk State University​​​
  • PhD student from University of Maryland​
    Research Interests: Materials modeling, Nanomaterials, Solar Energy
  • PhD student from Novosibirsk State University​​
  • PhD Student from University of Science and Technology of China (USTC)​​
    Research Interests: Electromagnetics and optoelectronics, Fluid mechanics, Microfluidics, Solar Energy, Sensors
    Building 3/Level 3 - 3326 (WS14)
  • PhD student from South University of Science and Technology of China (SUSTC)​
    Research Interests: Electromagnetics and optoelectronics, Nanomaterials
  • PhD student from Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)​​​
    Research Interests: Nanomaterials, Numerical analysis

Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Postdoctoral Fellow from National Taiwan University​​​​
    Research Interests: Nanomaterials, Materials modeling, Electromagnetics and optoelectronics
  • ​Postdoctoral Fellow from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi​
  • ​Postdoctoral Fellow from University of Michigan

Masters Students

  • ​​MS student from University of Texas, Austin
  • MS Student from Central South University​
  • MS student from Prince Muqrin University​ and Flinders University​​​​

Research Group Staff

  • Research staff from the Hamburg Centre for Ultrafast Imaging

Visiting Students

  • ​Visiting student from Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute (CINVESTAV)​
  • Visit​ing Student from Tecnológico de Monterrey​
  • ​Visiting Student from Effat University
  • ​Visiting student from Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte​
  • Visiting Student from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC)