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What have I been through at KAUST?

Wenzhe Guo

April 25, 2017 - Posted in Miscellaneous
​It was a 5-and-a-half-month journey, the first travel I have ever done outside China, which means a lot for me. Many details can’t be memorized now maybe because I am already used to the life at KAUST. But I still have many vivid images of the past life in my mind. Here I want to gossip about my experience at KAUST.

I can still recall my first day of arriving at KAUST. On that day, hugeness, luxury and hotness struck me when I entered KAUST, my first impression of KAUST. In the first week, it’s a little tough for me to adjust my time schedule and get used to the new life. It was a transition period I need to get through. And also the first week was the gate I should pass to new research field for me. After that, I felt at a loss and much stressed when I got my first project since I was not familiar with it and it would take a long time to finish it. Fortunately, under the patient guidance and help from my group colleagues, the project was quick to get started. 

To make a good living in a new place, it was key to establish good relationship with people at surroundings and know well about their routines. In the next few months, I was trying to extend my social network to international groups. Until now, I have already contacted people from 12 countries, including Saudi, Kazakhstan, Italy, German, Scotland, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, India, Pakistan, Japan, Malaysia and Philippine. Only during the conversation with them did I realize that I was quite narrow-minded in China. However, it was sometimes kind of difficult to get well along with them due to much difference of culture and religion. 

Life at KAUST is much different from that in China. KAUST is sort of like a big compound where it is hard to get much entertainment and you have to spend most of your time inside. I have to admit that KAUST is a good place to do research but not designed for fun. However, since I prefer to be a home boy, I can easily survive inside. One of the most exciting experiences I have ever done at KAUST is to get closer to the Red Sea. Outside KAUST, I made several short trips. But what still haunts me most frequently is the trip to the Wabhah Crater, where I indulged myself completely. The most impressing thing was not at the moment of arriving at the final bottom, but from the interaction between us. That was the source of fun. 
Time flies away without any sign. Everything seemed to happen just right yesterday before I got on my flight back home. Saying goodbye is always the most difficult part to finish in a journey. I am looking forward to the next travel.

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