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My diary before travel

Hamad Alotaibi

November 2, 2016 - Posted in Miscellaneous
In May 2016, I joined to KAUST as part of my mandatory twelve weeks’ summer training. It is the habit for KFUPM (my undergrad school) to encourage students to spend their training in the industry. However, the reputation of how most of the companies are not serious with the trainee students turned me to look for research opportunities. I chose to join Prof. Xiaohang Li’s group (Advanced Semiconductor Lab) with a group that is working on a 12 hours/6 days basis.

I was assigned to a nice project of developing the world-best MOCVD machine to produce high-quality semiconductor materials for deep ultra-violet light emitting diodes applications. With the extensive cooperation of my professor and my colleagues, we came up with a few innovative designs and filed two US patents related to it.

Since I was eager to continue in this field and the internship was about to finish, I decided to contact KFUPM administration to convert my summer training to cooperative training which can last for seven months. They were excited and cooperative in extending it to Feb 2017.

We just started a collaboration with one experienced MOCVD manufacturers for manufacturing the customized MOCVD based on our design. They embraced our idea and welcomed us to join them to get exposed to the manufacturing process and help in the design.

We are now getting ready to travel to the manufacturer to begin our collaboration and start this new challenge. I have three months only left for me in the internship, and the project will need one year at least to finish.

I’m applying to KAUST now for my graduate studies next fall to finish what I have started with my group and to start a new journey of semiconductor growth and fabrication. I will continue working in the ASL to improve the efficiency of ultraviolet LED and LASER using our customized MOCVD.

We have the challenge of purifying the water in Saudi Arabia, and I think that using KAUST excellent facilities, we can make it clean our recycled water using our high-efficiency UV LED fabricated at KAUST. We can also use our efficient LASER light to move on to next generation of communication using Li-Fi technology instead of Wi-Fi where higher bit rates can be achieved. More and more is to be done if we keep up the hard work and the one team spirit.

I like to acknowledge the support and help from Profs Ali Ahmad Al-Shaikhi ​(KFUPM) and Tareq al Naffouri (KAUST).


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