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Competitive Advantage of Plasma Etching in PV devices

Altynay Kaidarova

September 25, 2016 - Posted in Discussion
‚ÄčCompetitive Advantage of Plasma Etching in PV devices

In the semiconductor industry, there are two major techniques of etching: wet and dry (plasma). At first, wet etching was utilized exclusively due to its simplicity, cut-rate and high selectivity [1].Nevertheless, the necessity for more vertical structures and thinner linewidths stimulated new etching processes.   The plasma etching system was developed for IC manufacturing and now being used in all kinds of industries.  The main reasons for the fact that plasma etching has supplanted wet etching:

  - Creation of highly reactive chemicals in plasma causes more dynamic and vigorous etching.

  - The possibility of antistrophic or directional to lessen the under etching and etch bias.

These yield smaller and tighter packed structures. PV industry has been showing an increasing interest in plasma etching since it can realize both wafer cleaning and texturization of the surface simultaneously [2], as well as minimizing the expenses of chemical etching agents and chemical waste disposal. It should play a considerable role in the creation of third generation solar cells in the nearest future. Thus, such themes as cleaning of wafer, donor-like states reaction, passivation of impurities and defects, dopants activation, texturization of surface, etching and hydrogen combination with near surface layers will remain as hot topics in research.

                                                           Figure1. Schematic pf principle of plasma etching [3]


[1] Silicon VLSI Technology by James D. Plummer, Michael Deal,

Peter D. Griffin, Publisher: Prentice Hall Edition: 2 (2008-11)

[2] Chu, Paul K., and XinPei Lu, eds. Low-temperature plasma technology: Methods and applications. CRC Press, 2013.


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