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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Doping of AlN and its alloy

Kuang-Hui Li - April 26, 2017

Doping of semiconductor is very crucial since pure semiconductor material couldn’t make into a device. Doping of nitride material is not trivial like other III-V material, and it is not fully understood yet. AlN is the hardest compared to GaN and InN.

Truncated cones or cylinders?

Yangrui Hu - April 26, 2017

​When I did simulations about deep ultraviolet LED, I found that people always use cylinders to simulate nanowires. However, nanowires are not usually cylinders but truncated cones in the experiment, which means the radius of the nanowire becomes larger as growing. So I want to study the case with truncated cones. As the following figure shown, the bottom radius and the height are fixed and theta becomes one of the key parameters to describe the nanowire.

What have I been through at KAUST?

Wenzhe Guo - April 25, 2017

It was a 5-and-a-half-month journey, the first travel I have ever done outside China, which means a lot for me. Many details can’t be memorized now maybe because I am already used to the life at KAUST. But I still have many vivid images of the past life in my mind. Here I want to gossip about my experience at KAUST.

Multiresonator circuits and RFID chips

Nasir Alfaraj - April 25, 2017

​A multiresonating circuit generates a unique spectral signature in response to an interrogation signal sent by an external tag reader (interrogator). A spectral signature is a collection of reflected and attenuated interrogation signals at varying frequencies that collectively define a spectral ID. Spiral resonators are designed to resonate at a particular frequency to create a stopband. When the signal is attenuated at a particular frequency, it signifies a logic “0”; otherwise, it is logic “1”. Furthermore, the stopbands introduce “phase ripples” to the interrogation signal at their resonant frequencies, which can be identified as a phase variation at the interrogator end.

Playing guitar with photons (part 2): Optomechanical method

Ronghui Lin - April 24, 2017

Another method to change the frequency of a photon is by optomechanical devices. The concept that wave will change its frequency when reflected by a moving object is widely known as the Doppler Effect. ​​​​
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