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What have I been through at KAUST?

Wenzhe Guo - April 25, 2017

It was a 5-and-a-half-month journey, the first travel I have ever done outside China, which means a lot for me. Many details can’t be memorized now maybe because I am already used to the life at KAUST. But I still have many vivid images of the past life in my mind. Here I want to gossip about my experience at KAUST.

My diary before travel

Hamad Alotaibi - November 2, 2016

It is the custom for KFUPM (my undergrad school) to encourage students to spend their training in the industry. However, the reputation of how most of the companies are not serious with the trainee students turned me to look for research opportunities. I chose to join Prof. Xiaohang Li’s group (Advanced Semiconductor Lab) with a group that is working on a 12 hours/6 days basis.​​​​​
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