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Time to restart efficiency droop debate again? 

Xiaohang Li

July 25, 2016 - Posted in Discussion
Prof Van de Walle's group published an APL paper in 2009 stating that the Auger coefficient of blue and green InGaN (~2.5eV) is very large (~1e-30 cm6s-1). This becomes one of the strongest evidences about why Auger recombination is THE dominant reason for efficiency droop. This paper is also highly cited (Google Scholar: 276) and becomes one of the golden references of many researchers including me.


However, I just noticed that he published an erratum in APL in the latest issue, saying that their calculation was wrong. The Auger coefficient should be much smaller, in factor, about three orders of magnitude smaller. The new conclusion is "this result diminishes the importance of direct Auger recombination as a loss mechanism in nitrides." 

This new conclusion will likely enable many researchers to look back and re-examine their results. Currently, the reported Auger coefficients range by more than 4 orders of magnitude (1e-29--1e-33), which can lead to drastically different conclusions about efficiency droop. 

Can you contribute to make it a clearer picture? Here is one more ref for your info.

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